Kindom Friends

South Africa Missionaries

What is Kingdom Friends?

Kingdom Friends is a program put on by Inglewood Baptist Church that allows Missionaries to share what is happening in the mission field.

From our own backyard right here in D/FW to the other side of the world. Learn about the struggles and victories of how God is using faithful Christians to do his work and how you can join in.

Our Missions Ministry

Inglewood has a robust Missions ministry led by Ed Miller, a former missionary to Africa for over 30 years. Our teams have gone as far as Africa or Asia and as close as our own backyard. Trips are always being announced, so For more details about missions opportunities e-mail Ed at
A Special Place in the Heart of Inglewood…
Each year a team from Inglewood travels to Africa to work with the Chande Orphanage and churches in the area of Kitwe, Zambia. Every trip is different, but what you can expect is to be changed for a lifetime.

The Chande Project

From working with children at Holiday Bible School, to sharing Christ with those in the rural bush regions, leading men’s and women’s conferences, and leading in worship services, there are many opportunities that God uses to make an eternal difference in the life of people.
Download a brochure on the Chande Orphanage Ministry & details of sponsoring a child: Click Here
Today there are over 1,000,000 orphans in Zambia. The school has now
expanded to grades K-9 and there are 400 children, including 170 orphans in the Chande Baptist Orphanage School.
Volunteer teams from First Baptist Church in McLean, Virginia have helped to train Chande teachers on several occasions. In addition, 15 children are being supported through the orphanage ministry who go to public schools (grades 10-12.) 

Missionaries in Zambia

Protecting Our Missionaries

The Dangerous Mission

As Christians, we are all called to “The Great Commission” but it is safer for some than others. We hope to share the stories of Missionaries across the globe but some live in dangerous areas.

Some must watch for police that wish to stop the gospel from spreading. Others live in areas with extremist groups that have been known to murder preachers and burn villages where Christians live.

Our Goal is to share the stories of as many missionaries as possible but we can only share the stories of those in safe areas. We look forward to broadcasting these messages as soon as possible.

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